Bamboo  Coffee  table

This coffee table, part of a living room set, is framed with timor bamboo. The top is a solid bamboo plywood. The table is 5 feet long, by 20 inches wide, and 19 inches tall.




bamboo  side  tables

These bamboo side tables complete the living room set. The glass top allows full view of the bamboo craftsmanship. 


Driftwood  coffee  tables

This first table was created from various pieces of wood that were pulled from salt marshes in northeastern Florida. The glass top is supported by over 20 pieces of driftwood. The table is 19 inches tall.

The second driftwood base coffee table was created from driftwood that came from the creeks of St. Augustine, Fla. The glass tabletop is 5 feet long. The table also has ornamental shells throughout the driftwood base.



This console table is a combination of a Florida cypress top and southeastern red cedar drawer fronts. The console has a bottom shelf and three self-closing drawers. The table spans 7 feet in length.