vi-sion [vizh-uh n]  n.1: vivid picture seen in a dream or trance or in the imagination.


My name is Christopher Staino, the owner and craftsman of Bamboo Visions. 

I believe everyone has a talent that is sometimes accessible only through an event at the proper time and place...a turning point in one's life. I stumbled across my turning point as a young carpenter on a Memorial Day weekend. I was on a residential home construction site in St. Augustine, Fla., when a neighbor drove up with his pickup truck filled with a variety of bamboo from his property in Georgia. He offered me the bamboo thinking I might like to work with it. Of course I accepted, and it was that day, over 15 years ago, that my vision for Bamboo Visions came to life. 

I began reading books about eastern world building techniques and started combining them with my carpentry skills. Over time my natural talent and gift for working with bamboo shone through. It was thanks to this incredible and versatile material that I found my calling. I take great pride in sharing my creativity and experience in bringing your tropical dreams to reality through master craftsmanship.